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Please read before ordering..

Shipping perishables can be tricky especially in the hot Summer months. The map shows areas we are currently shipping using UPS. Don't see your area? Check back during the Fall.

Please read below about more information on our shipping. 
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Red States must choose 3 Day Air Shipping the order will not be processed.

How do we ship?

To avoid your package from sitting in shipping warehouses over the weekend we ship our orders out on Mondays. If you were to order your Wild Georgia Shrimp on a Tuesday thru Sunday then we should ship it out the very next Monday. We currently are using UPS Ground 1-3 day shipping at a flat rate of $25 or 3 Day Air for $50.00. Please check map to see if you are required for 3 Day Air Shipping. 

All shipping cost includes everything your Wild Georgia Shrimp needs to make it through the transit. We also recommend shipping to a commercial or business address to insure delivery in case no one is home when the package arrives. 


Shipping Wild Georgia Shrimp.

We ship a minimum/maximum of 5 pounds of certified Wild Georgia Shrimp per package using a specially measured 1.5 inch thick reusable shipping cooler. When shipping perishables UPS Ground  or 3 Day Air we cannot offer a money back guarantee/product back guarantee if your order arrives damaged, unfrozen, or if you are not home when package is delivered.

So all sales on perishable food items are final.

The combination of our high quality 1.5 inch thick shipping cooler and the amount of dry ice we use your package should arrive safely. We always pack our coolers tightly with up to 3 days or more of dry ice so your product should always be frozen upon arrival. Please use gloves when handling dry ice. IT'S COLD!

About our Wild Georgia Shrimp.

We take pride in our ocean-caught shrimp from the pure ocean waters of the Georgia coast. There is something about our Spartina marshes that gives our shrimp the sweet taste and pleasant texture that most domestic shrimp can't offer.  When you buy our certified Wild Georgia Shrimp you are helping American shrimp fishermen get a premium price so they support their families, improve their boats and maintain a way of life that has been a tradition on the east coast for generations. 

The GSA certified Wild Georgia Shrimp are guaranteed...

  • The shrimp in your package are a product of the USA from the Atlantic Ocean from the coast of Georgia.
  • The shrimp in your package were grown by Mother Nature and not in a chemically treated pond.
  • The shrimp in your package were harvested using turtle-safe nets to protect sea turtles.
  • The shrimp in your package were harvested using bycatch reduction devices to save fish.

Our packaging facilities are GSA certified, HACCP certified and certified/inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. A majority of ice boat shrimp vessels use Everfresh or Sodium Bisulfate as a preservative but in such small amount 9 out of 10 test kits do not even register it.  WE DO NOT USE sodium tripolyphosphate which is known to increase weight. 

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