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Vermilion Snapper

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Vermilion Snapper

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Vermilion Snapper (also known as B-Liners) is one of our favorite fish to prepare whole fish! We love turning on the oven and loading them up with fruits and herbs. B liners are mildly sweet with more flakey meat than it's American Red Snapper relative. The fillets are the perfect size for fried Vermilion sandwiches or can be blackened for delicious Vermilion Tacos. Mmmm!

Please do not confuse Vermilion Snapper with American Red Snapper. They are two totally different species of fish with different seasons and regulations. This is one of the more mislabeled fish on the market! We believe education is key for keeping our ocean sustainable. Click here for more info.

The fresh whole fish package contains 5lbs of whole fish (3-5 fish) that are descaled and gutted. The fresh fillet package contains the 5lbs of fish filleted out (6-10 fillets) with the skin on and deboned. We ship our fresh products with plenty of gel packs and dry ice to keep the perfect temperature during transit.

The frozen fillet package contains 4lbs of fish filleted (12-16 fillets/ 6-8 vacuum packs) with the skin on and deboned. We vacuum seal the fillets and move them into our blast freezer to lock in the freshness. We ship our frozen packages with plenty of dry ice to keep the product completely frozen during transit.

***The finfish industry off the coast Georgia is extremely small. The South Atlantic and the coast of Georgia are some of the most regulated waters in the United States for fishing. This is one reason we have such sustainability for our future fish populations to grow. Please know that season and quotas change constantly for certain species of fish. 

***Please also note Mother Nature can be unpredictable. Our Captains do their best to make weekly trips offshore. 

Because of this.. Fresh orders may be put on back order or shipped out different days other than Mondays.

**PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING. Please check shipping map for shipping selection. Areas in Red must choose 3 Day Air.

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