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Georgia Flounder

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Georgia Flounder

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Our most popular flatfish in the state of Georgia! Georgia Flounder is another prized by-catch from our shrimp boats. Georgia Flounder is described as a lean and firm fish with clean white meat. The two main flounder species on our coast is the Southern Flounder and Summer Flounder which are identical in flavor.

Our whole flounder range from 12 inch to 16 inch which is perfect for pan frying or crab stuffed baked flounder!. Larger flounder are normally released back into the wild with help from the TEDs and BYRDs installed on the nets!

The 5lbs Fresh Whole Fish package contains 4-7 whole flounder straight off our day boats as soon as they hit the docks.

The 5lbs Fresh Cleaned package contains 4-7 CLEANED founder. The fish will be scaled, head-cut off, gutted, and the bloodline removed with bone in. This is best way to serve crab stuffed flounder!

The 4lbs Frozen Cleaned VacPac package contains 5-8 cleaned Georgia flounder vacuumed sealed and blast frozen making this the most convenient way to store fish to enjoy year round!

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